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We ‘look after’ all of your website interests


Our approach to website design and management is that the website must be an integral part of the business. For this to 'work' the website designer & manager must be informed about all aspects of the client's business. Similarly the client should be aware of what may be achieved (and what it not practicable).

What we do

One first step in this process is for us to work with the client to produce a design-brief that the website would be created around and which would both inform the website designer and provide the client with measurable milestones to check progress against.

Who do we help

Small to medium sized organisations are those that we can best serve. We bring a new insight into web operations together with experience and expertise which may not be available in-house.

Timeframe & Timeline

A necessary part of our planning procedure is to develop a reasonable and realistic timeframe to work within. A part of this planning will be the production of a timeline with delineated milestones. This assists us in marshalling resources for the project and gives our customers a clear framework they can measure our performance against.

Why we do this

Whenever we seek advice in areas where we do not have expertise we look for someone who is interested in what we do & how we do it.

We enter into this new relationship with caution as we simply do not know if the relationship will suit both ourselves and those whose expertise we are seeking.

Our belief is that this is a valuable way to build a lasting relationship and consequently this is the approach which we endeavour to take with our clients.

Where do we work

It is unusual for our work to require face-to-face contact. Almost everything may be achieved 'on line'. It doesn't really matter where we, or our customers are, so long as we have access to phones/Skype/e-mail etc...

How we do it all

The first milestone in this new relationship is often commissioning a brief:

  • Outlining where we stand
  • Where our new partner stands
  • What our new partner's role will be
  • What we can reasonably expect
  • What timeline we will work to

From this we can match our knowledge, expertise and experience with our new clients requirements. The client is, of course, able to seek input from others about how they might perform the tasks outlined in the brief.